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The discovery of antibiotics transformed medical care in the 20th century. Many bacterial infections which were once deadly are now treatable illnesses. People no longer die from minor cuts, from ear infections or pneumonia. Antibiotics treat infections on the battlefield, after surgeries and in doctors’ office across the country.

Bacterial infections and diseases such as ear, nose and throat infections, including contagious ones like strep throat. Gonorrhoea, and other genital and urinary tract infections, once the bane of society can now be treated quickly and discreetly. Otitis media, pneumonia, tonsillitis and bronchitis, once were often life threatening, but the discovery of antibiotics had made these diseases often treatable.

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Antibiotic drugs and medications have provided tremendous benefit for the public health over the last half century. In order to ensure it remains so, we must continue to promote appropriate and effective use and the uses we already have. Overuse and misuse can limit the effectiveness and make outright resistance grow even faster. The other half of the equation is research and development and product development which are mainly concerned over the prospect of new drugs coming online. We know the cupboard is almost bare.